A sambrani cup machine is a piece of equipment used to make sambrani cups, which are small, cone-shaped cups made from cow dung or other materials. The machine consists of a metal frame with a rotating platform, on which the cups are formed. The platform is also equipped with a number of molds, which shape the cups into their characteristic cones. The machine also includes a hopper, which holds the raw materials for the cups, and a press, which forces the materials into the molds.

Sambrani cup machines can be either manual or automatic. Manual machines are operated by a single person, who loads the raw materials into the hopper, presses the cups into the molds, and then removes them from the platform. Automatic machines are more sophisticated, and can produce a large number of cups per hour.

Sambrani cup machines are used in a variety of industries, including incense manufacturing, religious ceremonies, and aromatherapy. They are also used by individuals who make their own sambrani cups at home.